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“New Era” is our first step towards new beginnings as a brand. The collection is  made to connect all the different personas you have in you into one. It is a starting  point for connecting our ambition for jewels with care and quality with timeless  designs. It is made to make you feel empowered and fearless, elegant and  valuable, casual and chic. New Era is made for everyone and to be worn at any  time. It is made to follow you anywhere.

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Redefining lifelong essentials, our new fine jewelry pieces are based on an  understated glamour to accompany you through every joy of life. By combining  Italian traditional handcraft with the latest technologies, it is possible for us to work  with extreme accuracy. Our materials are 925 silver and 18k gold plating finished  with hand-placed semi-precious stones and zirconias that are treated with care  and attention with the help of high precision tools. We rhodium plate our products  and use high-end materials that allow us to work ethically and with care for  process and product.


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